Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2009

Installing VMWare ESX 3.5 on HP DL320G5p

The HP DL320G5p is not on the Vmware HCL. The Onboard Sata Drives are not recognized by ESX. It is possible to install ESXi instead. But ESXi supports no Software Raid. So i decided to Upgrade the Server with a cheapo HP E200 Smart Array SAS Controller which is supported.
First Problem: The damed Controller has a propitary Cable Connector so i also had to order 452130-B21 Cable Kit from HP. First i tried to install with the internal CD Drive of the DL320.
But this crappy Thing didnt recognized the CDs. So i used a USB CD Drive. On my first Install Attempt the Installation hung while loading the cciss Drivers. After some research i found out that an extra Kernel Parameter is needed. When the Installation Disk promts for Parameters simply type in
esx noapic
And the Installation will continue. This Parameter disables the Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller.

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